A gift of 24 hours

mindset Feb 27, 2024

Very four years we get an extra day and tomorrow is that extra day!  How are you spending this extra day?  I am choosing to treat it as special as if it’s a gift!  I blocked out my calendar so I have no appointments, not even Yoga!  (I’m sure I’ll still go to Yoga, but not at a planned ahead of time.)

I have decided to take the day in the moment, moment by moment.  Maybe I sleep in, maybe I get up early.  Maybe I do business work, maybe I don’t.  Maybe I explore some new places to have an old fashion and maybe I watch a movie.  My goal is to truly live in the moment and follow the nudge I get.


What are your plans with the gift of an extra 24 hours?



Why wait 4 years for another gift of extra time?!  We all have times when a meeting is canceled or rescheduled, well I have decided to see that time as  bonus time in my life.  I have started taking a moment to decide what I want to do with that time.  I used to jump into a project thinking the best use of the time is to get more work done.  Now I see it as the world thinks I’m business at that time because my calendar says so.  This is why I quietly do whatever I want in these moments as a gift of extra time.


How do you treat these moments of unplanned free time?



There’s a lot to ponder here, I’d love to hear your feedback on my thoughts and questions.  Let’s share and benefit our community.  

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