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How to Buy Mobile Homes 

Best Selling Author – Adrian Smude has been investing in real estate since 2002 and is the founder of education company Lifestyle REI which helps people become successful real estate investors. He has a passion for sharing his rocky journey to success and inspiring youth to rise above dyslexia and school struggles like he had to find success and purpose. Adrian lives in Plant City, FL.


Cashing In on Mobile Homes

Are you scrambling to find deals?
Learn how to cash in on Mobile Homes with land. These hidden gems can help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams!




Peek Into Adrian's Real Estate Investing Path

Real estate investing is a long term game!

Peek into Adrian’s real estate investing career.  Notice how sometimes Adrian took a course to add tools to his tool belt, but may not have used that tool until years later.  Do note, that Adrian also grew at a pace that was comfortable for HIS lifestyle.

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