Full Time Landlord,
Part Time Work 

Full-Time Landlord, Part Time Work – Video Course

Every landlord needs a system!

Are you ready to take your landlord business to the next level?


Introducing the Full-Time Landlord, Part-Time Work Video Set – the ultimate guide to creating a streamlined system that will free up your time, increase efficiency, and maximize your rental income. With this video set, your audience will:

  • Gain the Freedom to turn your phone off for a week without an issue.
  • Comply with fair housing!
  • Make more money with fewer doors (high efficiency)
  • Set your residences up for success to take care of your property & pay rent on time.
  • Upgrade from the scattered papers on your desk to a real system. 
  • The 4-step system we use to manage rentals from anywhere in the world.
    (Yes, this system works for Mobile Homes & site-built homes)
  • Gain the golden nuggets Adrian has accumulated over his 20 years of rental experience. 
  • Automate your tenant selection process without a monthly cost
  • How to qualify tenants so you keep them long term
  • Time tested process meets technology
  • 90% of prospective tenants disqualify themselves before we get an application, saving us time
  • How to avoid the top 5 mistakes new landlords make!
  • Worksheet to find your ideal tenant
  • Example ads we use


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Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your landlord business and achieve success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help streamline your operations and maximize your rental income.



"Adrian has opened my mind to the possibility of finding great tenants."

-Ziven Lev

"One of the tips I learned would have saved me over $10,000 a few weeks before the class."

-Heather Olson

"I wasn’t sure about taking this course as I have a property manager, but now that I’ve taken it, I’ve learned many valuable lessons and strategies that I can still implement not only with my rentals in the future but also currently and in my other businesses as well. The slides and printable workbook were helpful for use during the course. I now feel more confident to add to my portfolio knowing I will be able implement these time saving strategies so I can still have my freedom!"

-Mary Cotter

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