At Lifestyle REI, we love to learn. While educating others is our passion, we never stop learning ourselves. It's through reviews and testimonials where we are able to continuously improve upon and build new curriculum for YOU. 


Carol Margolis

This was fabulous...Ā  Ā Adrian has a ton of expertise to share.

Antonio Bradford

I am more confident in buying a mobile home than I was yesterday.

Jennifer Harris

The walk through was very informative, every question was answered.


Deane Louise

Quick & easy guidelines for finding and keeping low maintenance, loyal, paying tenants.

Spencer Funk

Adrian has shared so many great land lording tips and I was instantly a better property manager.

Jackson Snyder

The curriculum was well thought out and easy to follow.Ā 


Carol KosticĀ 

If Adrian is doing something, it is done well, with intention, clarify, compassion.

Daniel Shank

Adrian is always willing to help. Ā He has spent many years dedicated to perfecting his craft.

Jeff CichockiĀ 

Finally!! A no nonsense plain English book on real estate. Ā This book is super easy to read and chucked fill of nuggets.Ā 


Real estate investing is a long term game!


Adrian Smude - Adrian began investing in real estate in 2002. He attributes his success to continuous learning and valuable mentorship. Adrian shares his experiences- successes and struggles- to motivate others to take meaningful action and create lives that align with their passions.

While exploring various investment avenues, Adrian discovered his true calling in mobile homes with land. He has developed a system that allows him to live with geographical freedom and is passionate about teaching others to manifest their dream lives. Through his wisdom and practical insights, Adrian aims to equip and inspire individuals to embark on their own educational and inspirational journeys.

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