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Discover the Hidden Potential of Mobile Home Investing

Venture into a niche real estate market where lucrative opportunities await, far from the overcrowded and competitive traditional scenes. Mobile home investing offers not just financial gains but also a sense of fulfillment by providing fair solutions to those in need. Experience a balanced and rewarding investment journey, uniquely distinct from the usual real estate ventures.


Recognize this?

You have 2 rental properties, but feel like you cannot find your third because everything you look at the numbers don’t work.

You’re a fix & flipper with each deal your numbers getting thinner and thinner.

You’re a fix & flipper but your getting nervous because your flips are taking longer and longer to sale because of prices and interest rates.

You’re tired of competing with everyone else to find a deal to make a huge profit on.

You’re looking for more fulfillment from your business by helping sellers in more need to sell to someone at a fair price.

Mobile Home owners often have less options of who to sell to.

You are frustrated with your real estate business being a lot of work without a lot of pay off.

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Discover the overlooked niche of mobile home investing in a challenging real estate market. Our course reveals how to buy, fix, rent, and sell mobile homes effectively, offering a path to substantial profits and lifestyle freedom. It's not just about financial gains; it's about reshaping your life to be where and with whom you want. We'll debunk common myths, showing that mobile homes can appreciate in value and aren't just for retirees. Join us now for insights into a market ripe with opportunity and step towards redefining your real estate success.




Transform Your Real Estate Ventures with Our Mobile Home Mastery Course

Elevate your real estate game to new heights with our in-depth online course on cashing in on mobile homes. Dive into a wealth of knowledge that spans from meticulous inspection techniques to strategic investments in properties from various decades. Embrace the confidence to navigate deals from the 1960s to modern-day homes, ensuring maximum profitability.

Break free from conventional financing constraints. Our course unveils innovative funding strategies that transcend traditional banking limits, empowering you with the agility to capitalize on opportunities with minimal capital.

Safeguard your investments with our expert guidance on mobile home insurance. Uncover the secret to selecting high-yield mobile homes, armed with our proven strategies for optimal returns.

We provide more than just information; we offer a toolkit for success. Get access to essential resources including contracts, cash flow estimators, repair calculators, and comprehensive documentation, setting you on a course for efficient and effective investment management.

Revitalize and profit from neglected mobile homes with our step-by-step restoration techniques. We transform the daunting into the doable, giving you the upper hand in a competitive market.

Our course is more than just learning—it's about empowering action. Step into the world of mobile homes with the assurance to make bold moves and achieve your financial aspirations.


Cashing in on Mobile Homes

"Cashing in on Mobile Homes" isn't just another real estate course. It's a paradigm shift, a wake-up call to the hidden opportunities in mobile home investing – a niche that many overlook, but where savvy investors like you can find significant returns, less competition, and a chance to make a real impact. 


Extensive Learning Modules: Covering everything from busting mobile home myths to marketing, inspections, financing, and more.

Exclusive Case Studies: Real-world examples to help you understand the nuances of mobile home investing.

Expert Strategies: Learn from seasoned professionals on how to spot and solve problems in mobile home investing.

Here’s a sneak peek at the journey waiting for you inside Cashing in on Mobile Homes:

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Mobile Home walkthrough: Inspect Like a PRO video course

Deep Dive Case
Study video course

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Meet the instructors

Adrian & Marc are active real estate investors within the niche of Mobile Homes with the land. Together they have over 30 years of experience! 

Adrian Smude has been investing in real estate since he became an accidental landlord in 2002. Adrian attempted to invest again, but his second home ended as a short sale. After 11 years of being a hobby landlord, he discovered his passion for real estate through REIA meetings. Adrian switched his investing niche to Mobile Homes with Land and has been following this path ever since. He is a part of 3 masterminds, including a high level mastermind which he hosts. In addition, he is the Best Selling author of HOW TO BUY MOBILE HOMES and teaches about his success and failures.

Marc Bracy has been a full-time mobile home investor since 2015. Prior to going full time into real estate Marc worked in the construction industry as a project manager. His time in residential construction was spent honing management, communication, negotiation, and leadership skills. These skills translated perfectly into his real estate career. Marc and his team have flipped well over 130 mobile homes since taking the leap into real estate investing. He has an uncommon knowledge of construction, a keen eye for detail, and he created a path into one of the best niches in real estate!

Cashing in on Mobile Homes

Join us now and start your transformative journey with mobile homes. It's time to unlock your true potential in this lucrative industry and chart your course towards financial independence.



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  • Over 40 lessons with video
  • Self-paced course
  • Digital Workbook
  • Contracts, Documents, SOW, & Estimators
  • Closed community to ask clarifying questions within each lesson.
  • Life-Time Access

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