Video Series: Cashing In On Mobile Homes

Are you scrambling to find deals?
Learn how to cash in on Mobile Homes with land.
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Topics covered in this series:
  • Detailed walk-through inspections
  • A-Z of flipping Mobile Homes
  • Confidence to invest in the 1960s, 1970s, and newer
  • FinaEasy financing strategies without banks
  • Insuring Mobile Home
  • Best-age Mobile Homes for the best ROI
  • Contracts, cashflow estimator, fix and flip estimator, & Documents needed to get started
  • Profit from a condemned Mobile Home with no work
  • Repair calculations
  • Profit from a condemned Mobile Home with little to no work
  • The Confidence to take ACTION!
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Video Set: Cashing In On Mobile Homes




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Join Adrian Smude & Marc Bracy in this new series of investing in Mobile Home knowledge.

Have you ever thought of buying & renting Mobile Homes?
Adrian is the expert! He will teach you what he is doing, including:
  • How to create cash flow!
  • How to decide how much to pay – the numbers do not lie!
  • How to maximize cash flow.
  • How to buy fix and rent old mobile homes without using any of your own money.
Have you ever thought about fix & flipping mobile homes?

Marc is the expert! He will teach you what he is doing, including:

  • Money saving tips for mobile home flips!
  • Where to spend and where to save!
  • The numbers behind mobile home flipping.
  • Cost/Maximum Offer Formula – Start SAFE, STAY Disciplined by making the RIGHT offer!
  • Rehab/Details on how to estimate rehab – Simplify rehab costs with great estimating skills.
  • Helpful Sales Tactics.
    Have you ever thought of buying & renting Mobile Homes?
A few topics include:
  • Marketing for Mobile Homes
  • Financing new and old
    Important years to know
  • Deal review
    • Deep dive into Mobile Home Flips
      What location are best?
    • What size?
    • What age?
    • How these are different than SFH!
  • Deep dive into Mobile Home rentals
    • Can a 1960s trailer make money?
    • How to estimate rent
      Cash flow
  • Top 5 Mobile Home Myths Busted!

By the end of the series you will be ready to Buy, Fix, Rent, Flip, and Wholesale Mobile Homes!

About the Teachers: 

Adrian & Marc are active real estate investors within the niche of Mobile Homes with the land. Together they have over 30 years of experience!

Adrian Smude has been investing in real estate since he became an accidental landlord in 2002.  Adrian attempted to invest again, but his second home ended as a short sale. After 11 years of being a hobby landlord, he discovered his passion for real estate through REIA meetings. Adrian switched his investing niche to Mobile Homes with Land and has been following this path ever since. He is a part of 3 masterminds, including a high level mastermind which he hosts. In addition, he is the Best Selling author of HOW TO BUY MOBILE HOMES and teaches about his success and failures.

Marc Bracy has been a full-time mobile home investor since 2015.  Prior to going full time into real estate Marc worked in the construction industry as a project manager.  His time in residential construction was spent honing management, communication, negotiation, and leadership skills.  These skills translated perfectly into his real estate career.  Marc and his team have flipped well over 130 mobile homes since taking the leap into real estate investing.  He has an uncommon knowledge of construction, a keen eye for detail, and he created a path into one of the best niches in real estate!

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