Action Over Accumulation: Maximizing Your Education

education getting started mindset Mar 19, 2024
Dusting off the Shelf Help

Are you stuck in a cycle of perpetual learning, yet lacking in action? It's time to hit pause on the classes and take a closer look at how you're applying your knowledge. Let's dive into why sometimes, the best advice is to stop taking classes altogether.


Consider the story of Anne & Lenny, two of my mentors, who in their early investing days, embraced a profound mindset: they wouldn't attend another seminar or purchase another course until they had successfully executed a deal using the strategies they'd learned. Their approach highlights a crucial point: education without implementation is merely "shelf help" – the book or course sits idly on your shelf, gathering dust instead of generating wealth.


Now, if you've earned your degree from "YouTube University," you might be tempted to skip ahead. But before you do, consider this: while free resources like YouTube offer valuable insights, they only scratch the surface. As a content creator myself, I understand the limitations of free platforms. There's a vast difference between consuming free content and investing in a structured course. When you invest financially, you invest psychologically – increasing your commitment and dedication to applying what you've learned.


For those of you who have a collection of courses but haven't translated that knowledge into tangible deals, it's time for a reality check. Pause the classes, and instead, focus on putting your knowledge into practice. Review the course materials, engage with the content, but most importantly, take action. This is why I offer lifetime access to my online courses – to encourage you to review the content multiple times. Set yourself a goal: once you've closed X number of deals or generated $X in revenue, then consider enrolling in another course.


Now, for those of us who are already reaping the rewards of our real estate business but still enjoy the occasional course for that extra nugget of wisdom, feel free to continue your education journey. But let's do so with intentionality. Before completing a course or leaving an event, commit to identifying 2-4 actionable items. Assign these tasks to yourself or your team, ensuring accountability and follow-through. This proactive approach ensures that valuable insights don't get lost in the shuffle of daily life.


Be honest with yourself about which group you belong to: the perpetual learners, the knowledge collectors, or the action-takers. And most importantly, take appropriate action based on your assessment. Remember, I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Another thought, once you find the right educator for yourself, go to everything he/she has.  I found about 3 educators who were for me and went to everything they had to achieve success before branching out to others.

Let's transform our real estate education from shelf help accumulation to impactful action.

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