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What People Are Saying:

I was able to make my first deal based on his book. It gave me alot of insight. Im sure i will continue learning and taking courses from Adrian.

Maria Hernandez

This is by far the best book I have ever read on Mobile home investing. I would highly recommend it.

Stephen Keighery

I paid $5,000 in 2019 for a course and this book pretty much covers 90% of what I learned and you get it for $15.

Christopher French Jr

That a refreshing read on buying mobile homes and the entire process of how to do it. It will provide you the step by step guide you need to get started and growing this investment! Wonderfully written in a way all can understand!

Jim Ingersoll

As a licensed real estate agent I’ve spent my entire career helping others invest in real estate. After reading this book I find myself looking forward to having my own niche and this book provides all the tools! I love how the author shares his experiences and lessons learned to give his readers a realistic and true representation of his success, and failure at times making this one of the best how-to books I’ve read about investing.

Jennifer Brewer

Adrian shows his skill and competence in this easily readable book

Andy Teasley

Easy read and filled with information. The author tells stories of his personal experiences. I enjoyed his writing style and appreciate the time he took to prepare the text.

Eric Fairchild

In this great book full of a wealth of information you will learn a bit about starting a journey into investing in mobile homes. I am very excited to start this journey with absorbing the knowledge from "HOW TO BUY MOBILE HOMES". Thanks Adrian

Christina Scull

An easy read that packs plenty of information in a small amount of space. Quick and to the point, Adrain will get you up and running. Personal stories show you the passion he has not only for mobiles but the people who own and rent them. Thanks for writing this Adrian!

Sharon Bechtold

I’ve lived in real estate my whole life, this is the first book that has open my eyes to the niche of mobile home investing. Thanks for the great tool..

Jeremy Rhodes

Adrian-I loved how you shared true deals, your heart for serving others and the power of knowledge and mentors! I'm grateful you shared. We own mobile home parks in Ohio and some apartment complexes but have not bought a mobile home on land per your proven system. Great system! Well done and continued success!

T Kraner

Adrian did a stellar job of dissecting and explaining something that many people find complex into something easily digestible and understandable. He also made it relatable. Mobile homes are often overlooked by investors as they are perceived to have less value. Adrian shows us how valuable they can be.

Amy Rains

This is a great book that every real estate investor should read. It is written in a very conversational style, which makes reading it very easy. The book covers all the bases, and at the end of each chapter the author lists key takeaways from the text. This makes it very convenient to go back and review. In all my efforts looking for deals in my local market, I had automatically excluded mobile homes as I felt they would not be good investments. This book definitely has challenged that assumption and has compelled me to re-think a good many things about how I conduct my business.

Gary Eaker

Author did a great job at explaining the important aspects of buying mobile homes. I am not a mobile home investor but after reading this book I am not opposed to it now. I have already recommended this book to a number of my friends and will keep my copy on my book shelf as a reference guide for future opportunities with mobile homes.

Geoff Possley

This was a great informational book. I would recommend this book to someone that is first getting started.

Alex Wilford

The author spells out just about everything you need to know when it comes to making money on old mobile homes. Based on what I read, this guy knows what he is talking about. When you read his background you will laugh. If he can do it, so can you and I. Let's go make some money!

Stanley J Reynolds

Great insights on What To Do and How To Do Mobile Home Investing I just finished reading this book and learned so much about how to get started investing in mobile homes, why it is a great niche for real estate investing, and how to avoid pitfalls when purchasing a home. This is an easy to follow book.

Ryan Odenweller

This book gives you practical information and easy-to-understand things to do in order to get started in real estate investing. I would recommend this book if you are new or have been investing in mobile homes. There are some good nuggets throughout the book.

Michael D. Green

Adrian is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and a great guy to interact with if you catch him in a live course or on a stage! Get the book, find a course on his website, and go find him at a live event and get yourself to that passive wealth line that we all deserve.

Jeff Redmond

His subject matter, depth of knowledge, and detail of many aspects of such a specialized investment niche was impressive...

Ed Taylor

I read it through but will go back and read again for details and knowledge. Opened my mind to a form of investing that is in a class by itself. Highly recommend!

Christy Osterkamp