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Feeling stretched too thin?
Leaving room for costly mistakes to slip by?
Or, simply wishing your investments made a better return?

There are many pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when it comes to mobile home investing.

Luckily for you, Adrian recognizes how you’re feeling.
Because… that used to be him.
That’s why his best-selling book, How to Buy Mobile Homes, is now being offered as a convenient listen-from-anywhere audiobook.

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With this book, you can expect to learn:

  • Top 6 myths about mobile homes
  • Top lead source for mobile homes
  • The secrets to financing an older mobile home
  • Shortcut your success by learning from Adrian’s mistakes
  • What you need to know to confidently inspect a mobile home

But, that’s not all…

Adrian launched his book originally without any bonuses so he's going overboard with the audiobook bonuses!

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  • Live How to Market Yourself like a PRO

  • Live Deep Dive Case Study

  • A module from Walking a Mobile Home course

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  • Live Q&A webinar
  • Live How to Market Yourself like a PRO
  • Live Deep Dive Case Study
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About The Author:


Best Selling Author – Adrian Smude has been investing in real estate since 2002 and is the founder of education company Lifestyle REI which helps people become successful real estate investors. He has a passion for sharing his rocky journey to success and inspiring youth to rise above dyslexia and school struggles like he had to find success and purpose. Adrian lives in Plant City, FL.



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