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I've seen mobile homes within a park deals help so many people around the country from youngsters straight out of high school to the aged wisdom with silver hair/no hair thrive with investing in mobile homes within the park. 

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This strategy played a crucial role in my
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 This video course includes:

17 lessons with video 

The digital workbook

a private community to ask clarifying questions

Mobile Homes with Lot Rent Video Course:

  • Marketing strategies
  • How to Buy
  • How to Sell
  • How to collect monthly checks without the toilets and tenant phone calls
  • Common mistakes and how to prevent them
  • Golden nugget of how to use this niche to set yourself up to buy a mobile home park with owner financing
  • How to qualify the park
  • How to value the mobile home
  • Multiple case studies!


"It has content for new investors just starting out and amazing tips and shared experiences for experienced investors as well."


-Rudy Leon

"I believe that Adrian is extremely knowledgeable about the mobile home industry & I'm excited to learn more from him."


-Christina Scull

"Adrian is a down to earth, and easy to relate to kind of guy.

His training is well laid out and organized, and he has nuggets of wisdom others miss."


-Deane Louise

"Awesome presentation on mobile homes and investing.

Gave me clarity as an investor who has not touched this asset class yet. Highly recommend!!!"


-Lee Cool

"If Adrian is doing something, it is done well, with intention, clarity, compassion, fun and thorough knowledge of what he's talking about.

He is in the trenches, having fun and sharing - daily."


-Carol Kostic

"I highly recommend Adrian's tactical skills 👌. Investing in mobile homes has never been easier. "



-Ginger Gonzalez

Meet your instructor

Adrian Smude headshot photo

Adrian Smude - Mobile Home Investor

Adrian embarked on his real estate career in 2002, driven by a passion for lifelong learning.

He attributes a significant portion of his achievements to his unwavering commitment to continuing education and nurturing relationships with respected mentors. By implementing the knowledge gained and taking decisive action, he has built a thriving business that aligns with his personality and desired lifestyle.

With a desire to inspire, Adrian seeks to share his ideas, successes, and failures, igniting a spark within YOU to take meaningful action and manifest a life that reflects your deepest passions.

While Adrian has explored various avenues of investment, including notes, single-family homes, mobile homes in parks, and wholesaling properties, he found his true calling in the niche of Mobile Homes with land.

From this, he has devised a remarkable system that empowers him to live his vision of geographical freedom.

Passionate about teaching and ensuring that the knowledge imparted by his mentors lives on, Adrian believes that everyone deserves to manifest their dream life.

His goals revolve around educating and inspiring you to take decisive ACTION!

By sharing his wisdom, experiences, and practical insights, Adrian aspires to equip you with the tools and mindset necessary to pursue your own educational and inspirational journey.


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