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Teresa Nelson


Teresa Nelson is my go to person when I have a health question or concern. She always points me in the right direction. She is also one of the truly happiest people I've ever met! Glitter is a wonderful descriptive word because she not only has a shinny vibrant spirit but also because she always has glitter on. She is a Health Crusader and Joy Creator!



Kathy Neubauer


Kathy Neubauer is the best person I've ever talked to when it comes to personality tests. What sets her a part from others that understand personality tests is she uses them all together. Meaning she takes what one says you are and what one says you aren't and gives you a new blinded thought. More specifically, Kathy is a relationship expert. Relationship with your spouse, family, friends, and most importantly yourself. She's been called the magic lady because of her ability to read people.

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The Late Chuck Bauman


Chuck Bauman is one of the highest integrity people I've ever met. Those that knew him knew how direct he could be to help you get what you want. Chuck didn't leave time to BS because of his many times being close to death. Although he is no longer physically with us I know his message and positive energy is living on through his Facebook, videos, and those that were influenced by him. I suggest reading what he shared and getting to know those that were in his corner of the world.

Peter Kolat (Polish Peter)


Peter has such a high passion for helping others it's unreal! He goes by Polish Peter which you'll have to hear his story to find out why. I sometimes call him the Polish Tony Robbins. I reach out to Peter when I want to be challenged, when I want the truth, and when I want a different way to consider things all with love.

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Hal Elrod


If I had to pick one mega famous influencer to meet it would be Hal Elrod. He is the most optimistic person! He has such a good spirit and heart. I know this because I've read and listened to everything I can find of his. He's very transparent of where he is at in his journey of life.

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Mel Robbins


I haven't gotten to meet Mel Robbins yet, but she's been a mentor of mine through her books and teaching. I love how direct and "messy" she is. She's not afraid to mess up. Her 5 Second Rule was introduced to me years ago and I still use it multiple times a week.

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Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins is one of my favorites because he isn't looking to motivate people, he's looking to tech us how to motivate ourselves. It's hard to find an area he is not great at these days because he won't stop improving. I am shocked when people say they've never heard of him. He has a knack for teaching in a way that is fun and you are not bored.

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Jim Rohn


Jim Rohn is the first person I followed in the self help/mindset world. His teachings are so basic yet excellent! He was Tony Robbin's coach. It's hard to not appreciate life after hearing him speak.

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Dr. Joe Dispenza


I am a huge fan of mediating. I believe it's one of the key habits in my daily life. Joe Dispenza is one of the leaders in WHY we should meditate and the science of what's happening to our body when we do. He's not for everyone but after long conversations with Chuck Bauman, he kept mentioning this guy so I decided to go down the rabbit hole and I'm grateful I did.

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Joseph McClendon III


Joseph McClendon the Third! I had never heard of this man until I went to my first Tony Robbins event. When I found out that he would be teaching in the place of Tony for two of the four days, I was a little pissed. I'll tell you a few minutes into him speaking I fell in love. He's an entertainer that is phenomenal at how our mind works. If nothing else, you need to look him up and add ASSTITUDE to your vocabulary.

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