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We believe in only referring companies we currently work with and make our business/life strong to fit our vision!


Here's a list with links, not all are affiliate links, so let them know we referred you!

We are often asked how we insure old Mobile Homes, here's the answer! They specialize in insuring properties for real estate investors, have great vacant dwelling policies, liability coverage, Tenant Protection Plan, Property Management Errors & Omissions, and more!


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Ever wonder how Adrian goes on so many vacations? Adrian joined Lifeonaire in May of 2016 and has been a member ever since! This is a fantastic coaching and mastermind group. Adrian credits part of his success to the guidance of his coaches and peers in Lifeonaire. Check out their free book and contact us about attending a "Get A Life" event with Adrian at a special rate!

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MileIQ is an app on your cell phone which tracks your miles. This has the best business ROI every single year!


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The 10bii app is fantastic! There are some training tutorials within the app. This is one of my top used apps and has helped me make so much money!


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We recently switched to using Gusto to pay our office manager and we plan to use it to pay contractors as well. This is very easy to set up and is the best value we have found so far. This is not a business expenses we recommend until you are well established.

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SimpliSafe security system saves us $1,000s a year in damages and most importantly peace of mind!  We temporarily install the door sensors and motion sensors in all vacant properties.  
When you order tell them Strawberry Lakes Management referred you and they should give you a free indoor camera and a discount on your entire order.  

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Real estate investing is a long term game!

Peek into Adrian’s real estate investing career.  Notice how sometimes Adrian took a course to add tools to his tool belt; which were used years later. Do note, that Adrian grew at a pace that was comfortable for His lifestyle.

Peek Into Adrian’s Real Estate Investing Path

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