One of the benefits of becoming financially free is the ability to give back more. Here are a few of my favorite charities I personally support.

I urge you to learn more about them. Remember thereā€™s no amount too little, but the more we give the more we benefit others.

These charities have either no administrative fees or very low fees, which means the charity gets more of your donation!

ems Closet

Although I wear one shirt on a regular basis, I believe people, especially kids, should have choices! Ā This passion project has grown to be able to help kidsĀ in need of clothing. This could be kidsĀ in financial hardship or relationship hardship, to obtain the wardrobe needed in their difficult time.

Iā€™m honored to support this charity and hope you will too!

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Chair The Love

The ability to walk is something most of us take for granted. Since learning about the stories of those who benefit from
Chair The Love, I take time in my daily gratitude to be thankful for mobility I am a proud supporter of this charity which gives people the gift of mobility.

I hope you will consider donating your time or hard earned dollars.

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Personally, I do not believe everyone needs to attendĀ traditional college. Although I paid for traditional college for 8 years, the piece of paper I received was for completing a 2-year degree. I have personally benefited fromĀ the non-traditional route, hence the fact I teach about real estate. I am happy to be a supporter of this charity which helps those looking for a non-traditional education path.

Please consider learning more and supporting this charity!

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My Wife Buys Charities

Real estate investing is a long term game!Ā 

Peek into Adrianā€™s real estate investing career.Ā  Notice how sometimes Adrian took a course to add tools to his tool belt; which were used years later.Ā Do note, that Adrian grew at a pace that was comfortable for His lifestyle.

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